Weatherman Walking


Swiss Valley reservoir will be featured on the BBC Weatherman Walking series (Episode 7) to be broadcast on Friday May 20th @ 7:30pm.

S4C's Iaith ar Daith have also filmed an episode in the reservoir.

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Reservoir Grant Success


I have more great news about Swiss Valley Reservoir. Funding of some £52,919.74 has been secured for more improvements works in and around the reservoir. My thanks to Llanelli Rural Council and the team for securing the monies via the Woodland Investment Grant. You'll see these works starting very soon.

Path upgrades / car park improvements / signage / benches / wheelchair access picnic tables .... on the way.

4 large trees in the Reservoir were recently felled by one of the storms that hit us.  I'd like to thank the workforce of Llanelli Rural Council that promptly came out and removed the trees that were blocking the 2 paths.  One tree took some of the path with it and this has now been restored.

Safe routes to school consultation


We have been shortlisted for a safe routes to school pot of money.  As well as tackling the congestion caused by the school run, the safe routes initiative is important for the promotion of healthier lifestyles for children. By showing children from an early age that alternatives to the car such as walking and cycling are attractive and fun, they can be encouraged to take regular exercise and develop healthy travel habits for the future.

Pavements and roads around the school will now benefit from this pot of money.  Traffic lights are also being planned for the junction of Millfield Road and Llethri Road (by the White Lion).

A view of the plans can be seen here:

Path from Community Centre to Llethri Road


Following meetings I've had with CCC officers the path between the Community Centre and Llethri Road is to receive some surface repairs.  Part of the path has already been done which spurs off to Pennant, and has been totally resurfaced.  This has made a huge difference.  


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Police Patrol


August 2021

As we entered into summer and with schools breaking up we had a few issues with youngsters up in the reservoir.  I asked the police to patrol more regularly which they did, and following sharp decisive action the past few months have been pretty quiet.  The reservoir improvements continue and more people are visiting what we in Swiss Valley already know to be a cherished beauty spot.

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Weatherman Walking


August 2021

A big welcome on a not so sunny day to Mr Derek Brockway ( BBC Wales weatherman). He walked around Swiss Valley reservoir last month as part of his Weatherman Walking tv series taking in the wonderful sights from our jewel up here in Swiss. I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of his time.


Diolch Derek.  Keep your eyes peeled for it on BBC Wales.

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Reservoir Adoption


September 2020

Great news. Llanelli Rural Council have agreed to a 5 year community adoption of Swiss Valley Reservoir. Some £270,000+ of funding has been secured and as a result of this a Ranger post will be created (leading to emptying of bins/general maintenance) and the car parks will get some investment. The toilet block will also be refurbished as part of the adoption. Its an exciting project and the first adoption of its kind in Wales. I cant say things will improve overnight but they are heading in the right direction for the "Jewel" of Swiss Valley.  Other water sports and fishing activities will be looked at but the main thing is this much loved area of Llanelli will get some much needed TLC. Having posted this news on social media the response has been amazing and just proves to me how well thought of our reservoir is!

The official press release can be seen below:

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January 2020


I had a really informative day out this month when I accompanied Bryngwyn and Glan-Y-Mor pupils to the global goalkeepers training day as part of the #walktheglobalwalk, in the Gwendraeth Hall. Congratulations to Mari, Carolyn, Shannon, Olivia and Eva on being selected. Look out for school and community projects coming up on the theme of #climateaction. As a Governor on both schools as part of their federation it was great to see all pupils engaging in the climate debate and coming up with solutions for the wider community and their individual schools to help combat climate change.  Carmarthenshire County Council, Llanelli Rural Council and many others have all declared climate emergencies.  Thanks to all the pupils and staff and congratulations on your work.

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January 2020


More dumping by Porth Dafen to start the new year off.  I'm conintually reporting dumping at this location.  Hopefully they will find some evidence to prosecute.

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October 2019


I have attended meetings with developers and residents about Penderi solar farm.  It is a large scale solar farm with some 25% of it located in farms between Swiss Valley and Llangennech/Llannon.  For further information please visit the website at:

August 2019

SV SCHOOL - 50th Anniversary

I was very proud to attend the 50th anniversary concert at the Diplomat Hotel in July as part of the School's 50th celebrations.  It was a wonderful evening celebrating each of the 5 decades that have past since 1969.  Well done to all of the pupils and staff involved in making it such a success, and thanks to the Diplomat Hotel for allowing free use of the big function room.

October 2019


Further to this news from August I have now learned from BT that 9 phone calls have been made from the payphone in the last 12 months.  In all likelihood this payphone will be removed.

As of the end of September I havent been contacted by anyone concerned about its removal.


August 2019


The inspection by ESTYN of Swiss Valley school gave it yet another excellent report.  Our school has long been known to be a good school to go to and their recent report reinforces that.  As the current Chair of Governors and despite fiscally hard times, I would like to personally thank all the teaching and none teaching staff for all their hard work in making the inspection such a success and the school that it is today.

August 2019


Work to improve the drainage and clean out the duck pond has begun at Park Howard.  It already it looks better, with more improvements to come. 

On behalf of not only us in Swiss Valley but the whole of Llanelli I am now representing us on the joint working group (setup between Carmarthenshire County Council and Llanelli Town Council)  working to protect and improve the park.  This joint working group talks to all other volunteer groups so everyone in the community knows what is happening.

August 2019


Things are moving forward with Welsh Water.  Further talks which I am involved with will take place on August 5th but all the signs are that Llanelli Rural Council could be in a position to take over some time in the next 12 months.  Welsh Water are prepared to offer a substantial amount of money as part of the move which will go to maintenance of the paths/car parks/general upkeep (emptying bins) within the confines of the reservoir.

April 2019


If you see or are annoyed at horse mess on the road outside your house please contact the council's cleansing team on 01267-234567 and report it.  A team will then be despatched to remove it.

December 2019



A new defibrillator will be placed on the outside of the Tafarn-Y-Felin pub.  This is something that has happened as a result of a very personal tragedy for a family in Llanelli.  2 brave daughters have raised alot of money and they wanted to place a life saving box on the outside of the pub.  Due to this fantastic and generous gesture the school will now keep theirs inside (as we were looking to place theirs on the outside of the school gates).