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2 Hilltop - Care home application - 2 Appeals

2 appeals have been lodged against the council's decision to refuse planning permission for a care home at 2 Hilltop. With each appeal you can view all the relevant documents on their website using the links below. If you feel you want to contact and be part of the appeal process please email planning inspectorate Wales from the details below. There are also 2 case references to track.



1st Appeal

An appeal has been lodged with the Planning & Environment Decisions Wales

Apêl / Appeal: Written Representations

Apêl gan / Appeal by: Lee Roblin

Safle / Site: 2 Hill Top, Llanelli, SA14 8DF

Datblygu / Development: Change of use from residential (Class C3) to children's home (Class C2)

Cyfeirnod / Reference: CAS-03272-F0F6Y7
Dyddiad Dechrau’r Apêl / Appeal Start Date: 29/05/2024

Rheswm Apêl / Appeal Reason: The refusal of planning permission by this Council

2nd Appeal

An appeal has been lodged with the Planning & Environment Decisions Wales

Apêl / Appeal: Written Representations

Apêl gan / Appeal by: Mr Lee Roblin

Safle / Site: 2 Hill Top, Llanelli, SA14 8DF

Datblygu / Development: Certificate of Lawful Development for the proposed use for up to 6 people as a single dwelling receiving care (Class C3(b))

Cyfeirnod / Reference: CAS-03268-H2K1J3
Dyddiad Dechrau’r Apêl / Appeal Start Date: 29/05/2024

Rheswm Apêl / Appeal Reason: The refusal of planning permission by this Council

Any comments made at the application stage for the appeal will be sent to PEDW (unless they are expressly confidential). If you want to make any additional comments (which must not exceed 3000 words), they must be sent to PEDW and received within 4 weeks of the starting date (above). Remember to include the Inspectorate’s reference, or the name of the appellant /appeal site address where the reference is not known.

Email your comments to: If comments are submitted to PEDW after the deadline they will be returned.

Please note that all available appeal documents including the Inspector’s decision letter can be viewed on the planning portal using the following link: If you want to receive a copy of the appeal decision you must write to PEDW asking for one.

You can obtain a copy of the leaflet ‘A Guide to Engaging with Planning and Enviornment Decisions Wales’ through the Welsh Government website:


Election Anniversary

As you may know I was your secretary on Swiss Valley Residents Association from 2002, fighting for various things for Swiss Valley and continuing at that time the fight to get our sewerage system adopted by Welsh Water, which subsequently happened having been fought for by many residents for some time .  In 2004 I stood as a your INDEPENDENT candidate to be your Carmarthenshire County Councillor, and also your community councillor on Llanelli Rural Council.  On Thursday June 10th 2004 we went to the polls and I was elected on this date  20 years ago.  Its for others to judge of course but I hope that you feel I've made a small difference to our area and I've tried to look after Swiss Valley as best I could whilst in this role.  The time has flown and I'd like to thank all who have supported me over this period, not least of all my family.  I'm sure the everlasting memories for my Son's will be when asking "Where is Dad?"  ... and my wife Claire replying, "he's in another meeting!"


Street Lights

UPDATE 20-5-24:  This issue was resolved by national grid.  All lights now back working.

I know street lights in the lower part of Pennant Road and Blaennant have been out for several weeks. Please see response from CCC lighting engineers today. I'll continue to chase this up...


Good Afternoon Cllr. Morgan,

Thank you for your e-mail.

There is an underground National Grid cable fault at this location which has resulted in the outages you refer to.

A fault has been sent to National Grid and we have been in contact with them again this week for an update on the progression of the repair – once they come back to us we will let you know what the position is.


Shops Area

A few people have contacted me about what is happening with the shop.  The first thing I'd like to clarify is the whole row of shops is privately owned and nothing to do with any council.  I've spoken with the owners who just a few days ago advised me a new shop will be going there.   I dont know if it will be the same size as the "old" shop or whether it will be bigger but I'm told something like a grocery shop will be opening in the next few months.  I don't know what is happening to the other shops at present but when I know I'll advise you all.


Road Surface - Ridgeway

I've reported this road on several occasions and having chased again this is the reply I had back from highways.

"Good morning Cllr Morgan,

This road is included as one of the higher priority sections for the Llanelli area on the resurfacing program, however the program itself is part of a county wide list. The program is assessed and ranked based on a number of factors such as classification of road, traffic volumes, surface condition, defects recorded etc. The county program for 2024-25 is being finalised as we speak although against the budget allocated and I will know a bit more in the coming weeks. I have discussed this section with the highway inspector this morning and if it is not included for a full resurface then we will carryout permanent patching repair work which will greatly improve the surface. In the meantime, any potholes identified will be filled to make safe and I will update you further once I information on the surfacing program."

Ridgeway Road Surface - April 2024.jpg

School Reception

Swiss Valley school will have a new reception area for the start of the 24/25 school year in September.  Parents will already have seen new green fencing appear to make the path into the school more secure.  This six figure investment is welcome and we will be excited to see it finished.

ENTRANCE - April 2024.jpeg

Car Park - Community Centre

Bollards have been placed at the community centre car park to prevent cars parking there long term.  Several cars had notices placed on them and new signs were erected to try to improve the situation but when that failed the volunteer committee reluctantly acted.  These cars were preventing patrons/classes of the community centre parking their cars there.  The car park is private and despite us all using it, it has never been a  public car park and the Community Centre volunteer committee have acted to allow its patrons to park securely when using its facilities.

BOLLARDS - April 2024.jpeg

National Forest of Wales

Our reservoir has been identified as being an area which may well lend itself to becoming part of the new national forest of Wales initiative.  We are currently in discussions with Welsh Water, Natural Resources Wales and Llanelli Rural Council on this matter.  Its very exciting but early days yet.

Pump House.jpg

Planning Application PL/06834






On 5-2-24 we got notification that this application has been determined by Carmarthenshire County Council and refused.  The applicant is proceeding with an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate of the Welsh Assembly Government.  Please contact your Welsh parliament members to raise any concerns you may have.

Llanelli Constituency

Lee Waters (Labour)
Tel: 0300 200 7100

Cefin Campbell (Plaid Cymru)

Tel: 01267 493 126

E-mail: Cefin.Campbell@Senedd.Wales

Can I thank everyone who attended the public meeting on Friday 1st December.  We all had an opportunity to have our say.  Many well reasoned objections were submitted and the desired outcome of that meeting was arrived at.



Reservoir Visitor Information


Llanelli Rural Council has a great website detailing what is going on in the reservoir.  Their site is well worth a visit.

Lower Lliedi Reservoir, Swiss Valley | Llanelli Rural Council : Llanelli Rural Council (

Please visit Carmarthenshire County councils website below and take a video tour of our fantastic reservoir:


Community Centre Hire


To hire Swiss Valley Community Centre please contact the booking secretary on 01554 784854

Address: Swiss Valley Community Hall, Heol Nant, Swiss Valley, Llanelli, SA14 8EH.

Hire cost of hall: £9 per hour. £40 for Parties (3 hours)

Further information can be found on Llanelli Rural Council's website:

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